A rather well researched and presented explanation and refutation of the Flynn effect by MrHerrIQ.


                            Welcome to Dublin

This video depicts today’s Dublin. An ancient people have had mass immigration forced upon them against their will in order to make money for the rich. We are being displaced from our own country.

The original copy of this video was censored after it received over 40,000 views in just a few weeks.

Sweden’s liberal attitude to immigration & tolerance is causing a major problem for the Country’s future. Strong signs can already be seen. Swedish police & ambulance personnel cannot safely drive into certain City’s like Malmo. They are regurlarly attacked by Muslim immigrants, these areas have become Islamic ghettos.

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Welcome to Sweden of Today





A famous Danish journalist, Lars Hedegaard, said in March 2009:

"I think that the best prediction is that Sweden will have a muslim majority by 2049, so we know where that country is going."

The main political opposition in Sweden is Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna)

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(The editor of this nationalist newspaper mr Vavra Suk, was almost killed by 20 left-wing hooligans in February, 2009. To show support you can subscribe on that paper.)

Political parties in Europe:
Front National/Frankrike: http://www.frontnational.com/
British National Party/England: http://www.bnp.org.uk/
Vlaams Belang/belgien: http://www.vlaamsbelang.be/
Schweizerische Volkspartei/Schweiz: http://www.svp.ch/
Partij voor de vrijheid/Holland: http://www.pvv.nl/
Bündis Zukunft Österreich/Österrike: http://www.bzoe.at/
FPÖ/Österrike: http://www.fpoe.at/
Dansk Folkeparti/Danmark: http://www.danskfolkeparti.dk/
Lega Nord/Italien: http://www.leganord.org/
Sverigedemokraterna/Sverige: http://www.sverigedemokraterna.se

BNP News Team

All 21 reported cases of rape with aggravated assault — the highest number since records were started — in the Norwegian capital of Oslo last year were committed by “non-Western immigrants” and 90 percent of all rape victims were Norwegian women, police have announced.

According to the police figures, the number of rapes with violent assault committed in Oslo also doubled compared to 2008. According to the police statement, “in each and every case, not only in 2008 and 2009 but also in 2007, the offender was a non-Western immigrant. At the same time, in 9 out of 10 cases, the victim was Norwegian, not just by nationality, but also by ethnicity.”

The NRK report concluded that “not a single one of the offenders had a Western background. Four people have been arrested. In all other cases, the victims reported that the offenders either looked like non-Western immigrants, or they spoke a non-Western language. Not a single case has been connected to a Western man.”

According to official figures released in 2008, Third World immigration accounted for 25 percent of Oslo’s population. Data from the city and state statistics bureau shows that of Oslo’s 560,484 residents, 137,878 were immigrants.

The largest single immigrant group continues to be from Pakistan. Next in line is Somalia. Other countries with relatively large immigrant groups in Oslo include Sri Lanka, Iraq, Turkey, Vietnam and Iran.

In addition, an ever growing group of Third World immigrants is dependent on welfare. A study by Tyra Ekhaugen of the Frisch Centre for Economic Research and the University of Oslo concluded that immigration has increased the pressure on the welfare state, because many immigrants do not join the tax-paying part of the population.

Third World immigrants are, the study showed, recipients of social security benefits at a rate ten times that of native Norwegians — destroying the liberal argument used by pro-immigration politicians in Norway that immigration was necessary to maintain the social welfare state.

More than half of all social security benefits in the city of Oslo are spent on non-Western immigrants. Immigrants from Africa have the highest unemployment rate, with official figures in 2005 showing a black unemployment rate of 17.5 percent.  The average unemployment rate amongst native Norwegians was 2.4 percent.

Finnish government floods nation with uncontrolled immigration then plans to use draconian hate-speech laws to silence dissent

By Henrik Holappa

The Finnish Department of Justice is now planning on suppressing even more of our freedom of speech here in Finland. The special legal group of the Department of Justice is now writing the blueprints of a new law that would especially focus on so-called “Internet Racism.”

The major newspaper in Finland, Helsingin Sanomat, reported of the suggested plan on their website here.

According to the new law suggestion, just clicking on an alleged “racist” or “white supremacist” website (whether it is David Duke’s, the Resistance Movement’s websites or any other prominent white’s civil rights movement’s website) that would be enough to sentence a Finnish citizen to 4 years in prison. I emphasize—just visiting a racist website would be enough to sentence someone to 4 years in prison.

It used to be taken for granted that it was not only ethically right for scientists to make public their discoveries; it was regarded as their duty to do so. Secrecy, the withholding of information, and the refusal to communicate knowledge were rightly regarded as cardinal sins against the scientific ethos. This is true no more. In recent years it has been argued, more and more vociferously, that scientists should have regard for the social consequences of their discoveries, and of their pronouncements; if these consequences are undesirable, the research in the area involved should be terminated, and the results already achieved should not be publicized. The area which has seen most of this kind of argumentation is of course that concerned with inheritance of intelligence, and with racial differences in ability.
Professor Hans Eysenck, a refugee from Hitler’s Germany but a strong advocate of Darwinian bio-social psychology, 1975



“We free marketeers have won the battle of ideas, but lost the battle of implementation”

Thank the proverbial lord for Daniel Hannan. While the EU continues down the road of socialism, centralization and fiscal insanity, Hannan’s voice in the Summit comes as a beacon of hope for those of us who haven’t lost all sense of individual liberty. Mr. Hannan has gained momentum since calling out British Labour leader Gordon Brown for his abandonment of values as prime minister early last year. Check out his YouTube channel for more:


Methinks Mr. Ron Paul on the other side of the pond could take a few lesson in eloquence from Hannan ;)

Religious Ritual Murder

Attempts to narrow/refute the racial IQ gaps

A few studies have purported to prove that with the right environmental stimuli Black children would develop IQs
similar to those of White and Asian children. The Milwaukee Project was the most famous of these, and inevitably it
attracted plentiful media coverage in its heyday. It was reported that through intensive early childhood intervention and
stimulation, underprivileged, slum-dwelling Black children had their IQs increased 30 points in comparison with the
control group.[101] The Washington Post wrote triumphantly that the project’s success “settled once and for all” the
question of whether kids of poor socioeconomic backgrounds are held back by environment or by heredity.

Unfortunately for the egalitarians, their euphoric media bubble burst when the Milwaukee Project’s director, Rick
Haber, was convicted and imprisoned for embezzling government money. While this is not directly relevant to the
results of the project, it does call into question the trustworthiness of its director. Howard L. Garber, longtime associate
of Haber, in 1988 issued a report on the project that revealed the IQ gains were artificial, having been achieved by
intensive practice on problems similar to those on the Stanford-Binet test, and that the kids’ IQs declined steadily after
leaving the program, with the gains never translating into academic success. Ultimately their abilities matched at the
same level as that of the control group, which, of course, had no intervention. [102] [103]

Herman Spitz, in his book The Raising of Intelligence, documents dozens of similar programs that failed miserably to
raise the IQ of Blacks. In their initial stages, the media gave them extensive coverage and rave reviews, but little
coverage of their ultimate failure. The pattern of publicity is identical to that under Lysenkoism in the Soviet Union.
Over the years there were many media blitzes proclaiming the remarkable success of various early intervention
programs. With embarrassing regularity the touted program was allowed to sink into quiet disrepute while the media
trumpeted the miraculous results of another new approach. [104] [105] [106]

Another example of media “proof” that Black-White differences are environmental is the coverage of the Chicago
Black teacher, Marva Collins. One of the most famous personalities in American education, Collins has gotten
extensive media coverage, including adulatory articles in The New York Times and sumptuous praise on the television
show 60 Minutes. She claimed that seemingly “unteachable” inner-city children between 5 and 10-years-old had soared
in standardized tests under her teaching methods and were reading and comprehending Tolstoy, Plato, and
Shakespeare. In spite of such incredible claims, the media never asked Collins for hard scientific evidence to
substantiate her assertions, nor has her “miracle” been successfully duplicated by any other psychologists and educators
in controlled studies. These kinds of miraculous stories, ever popular in the mass media, for good reason never find
their way into the scrutiny afforded by scientific journals.[107]

- From My Awakening by David Duke